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Occupational therapy support focuses on helping a child expand emerging skills, master new skills, and recognise and utilise existing strengths. It helps a child to understand their body and its responses, and it empowers them by teaching strategies that support their individual differences.

An occupational therapist will advocate for a child in school by providing recommendations that enhance their participation and success in learning and play situations. For example, this may involve adapting a task or a physical space.

An OT also offers valuable support to parents by giving them insight into the underlying reasons why their child may be responding differently. They then work collaboratively on shared goals that address the child’s development and wellbeing.

In essence, OT is about providing practical, functional solutions that maximise potential and allow a person to participate fully in life.

We Help Children With

Self-care skills

Movement skills 

Visual-motor and visual-perceptual skills

Executive function

Emotional and sensory regulation


Identifying and supporting sensory differences

Identifying and understanding social and behavioural  differences

What does Occupational Therapy support look like?

Our intervention begins with a comprehensive informal or formal assessment that involves gathering information from many sources. We may observe the child participating in activities at home, school, or at Kaleidoscope. Based on our assessment findings, support may include:

An individualised therapy program – this includes a plan of action with clearly stated goals.

Advice for accommodations in school and at home.

Strategies to help children cope with sensory differences.

Parent training and support relating to our areas of expertise.


Consultation and collaboration with school, as and when required.

Occupational Therapists

Judith Guerrero
- 26 Years Experience -
Shanice Tan
- 20 Years Experience -
Kris Borja
- 17 Years Experience -
Adeline Liew
- 5 Years Experience -
Katherine Aw
- 8 Years Experience -
Jovinia Ong
- 1 Years Experience -

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Parent of D

Ms Judith has been working with our son for a number of years. The occupational therapy and advice has been very effective

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Daoshuo's mummy

Judith is a Gem! With her knowledge and wisdom, she handles, manages and coaches our son confidently…

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Fees start at $190+ (per session)

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