About Us


When we opened Kaleidoscope in 1999, we had a clear mission… to provide something that we felt was missing, but much needed, in Singapore at the time. In those days waiting lists were long, and private centres were few, with none offering a multidisciplinary team approach.


We wanted freedom to plan our own therapeutic spaces, with the best resources, and to work with other clinicians who shared our vision. We also wanted to have the opportunity to access training from the best therapists in our field. To achieve this, we realised we had to step outside our comfort zone and open our own centre.


Building Kaleidoscope has been an amazing journey. In our 23 years we have moved 4 times, each move allowing us to upgrade our spaces and add better resources. We have had the privilege of training with some of the best therapists in the world, first by traveling to them, and later by enticing them to come here. We have also had the honour of working with many amazing colleagues over the years, whose experience and passion has helped us to shape our approach, and build the values that make Kaleidoscope unique.


We consider our mission to be a success story!



A child-led approach honors the child’s innate drive to learn, fosters curiosity, promotes collaboration and problem solving and helps to establish a trusting relationship. Allowing choice also leads to increased attention, motivation and task persistence.


Our approach is first and foremost warm and caring. We are respectful, ethical and empathetic. We listen, value parental input and work hand-in-hand with families.


A strength-based model of support incorporates the child’s strengths into therapy and uses these strengths to scaffold less developed skills as this increases motivation, builds confidence and provides more opportunities for success.

A Welcome Letter from our Founders

Hello and a warm welcome to Kaleidoscope.

We (Suvi and Kim) would like to share more about our ethos, and what to expect when you bring your child to our centre.


Firstly, we believe that every child has the potential to learn, adapt and thrive. Our role as therapists is to support this growth. We do this by closely observing the child, listening carefully, and by expertly applying our therapeutic skills, when we understand the unique needs of the child and their family.


We are very selective about the approaches we use. They must be person-centred, and relationship-based. This means that we focus on building trusting relationships with the child and their family. We emphasise emotional wellbeing, self-confidence and self-advocacy using a strengths-based model that incorporates a child’s strengths and interest into therapy.


The most exciting and important research is now coming from people who have a diagnosis themselves and share their insight, and knowledge, with us. This is reshaping paradigms and helping us to become more ethical therapists. We want to share this knowledge ,and positivity, with parents and work together to provide children with services that honour their differences, celebrate their strengths, and provide practical solutions that help to reduce the challenges life throws their way.


So what can you expect when you walk through the doors of Kaleidoscope? Services that are respectful, collaborative and neurodiversity-affirming, and therapists who are passionate about empowering both you and your child.


Kim and Suvi