Occupational Therapy For Kids Of All Ages

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We Help Children With

Self-care skills

Movement skills 

Visual-motor and visual-perceptual skills

Executive function

Emotional and sensory regulation

Sensory Differences

Social and Behavioural Divergences

Note: We do not require an official diagnosis.

What does Occupational Therapy look like?

Occupational therapy support focuses on helping a child expand emerging skills, master new skills, and recognise and utilise existing strengths. It helps a child to understand their body and its responses, and it empowers them by teaching strategies that support their individual differences.
Our intervention begins with a comprehensive informal or formal assessment that involves gathering information from many sources. We may observe the child participating in activities at home, school, or at Kaleidoscope. Based on our assessment findings, support may include:
Leading Early Intervention

An individualised therapy program

Advice on accommodations in school
and home

Coping strategies for children with sensory divergences

Parent training and support

Consultation and collaboration with school


Per hour Starting at $190 + GST
Leading Early Intervention Program

Our Occupational Therapists


Shanice Tan

– 20 Yrs’ Experience


Kris Borja

– 17 Yrs’ Experience


Katherine Aw

– 8 Yrs’ Experience


Adeline Liew

– 5 Yrs’ Experience


Jovinia Ong

– 1 Yrs’ Experience

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Parent of D

Parent of D

Ms Judith has been working with our son for a number of years. The occupational therapy and advice has been very effective

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Daoshuo's mummy

Daoshuo's mummy

Judith is a Gem! With her knowledge and wisdom, she handles, manages and coaches our son confidently…

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can occupational therapy help my child develop better gross motor skills?

Occupational therapy can significantly enhance your child’s gross motor skills, which include activities that use large muscle groups like walking, jumping, and throwing. Our therapists at Kaleidoscope Therapy Centre use engaging and child-friendly techniques to improve coordination, balance, and strength. The progress in gross motor skills can lead to increased independence and better performance in sports and other physical activities.

What kinds of needs does occupational therapy address for kids?

Occupational therapy addresses a variety of needs for kids, ranging from fine and gross motor skills to sensory processing skills. Our therapists help children improve their ability to perform daily tasks, such as eating, dressing, and handwriting. For children with special needs, occupational therapy can also provide strategies for managing sensory issues or improving social and cognitive skills.

How does occupational therapy assist a child with sensory processing issues?

Children with sensory processing issues often struggle with interpreting sensory information like touch, movement, smell, and sight. Occupational therapy can help by providing structured, therapeutic activities that help children better process and respond to sensory information. These strategies can lead to improvements in behavior, focus, and overall functioning.

What can I expect from my child’s first occupational therapy session at Kaleidoscope Therapy Centre?

The initial occupational therapy session typically involves a comprehensive evaluation to understand your child’s unique needs and challenges. The therapist will observe your child’s skills and behaviors and may engage your child in a variety of activities. The goal of this first session is to develop a personalised therapy plan that addresses your child’s specific needs.

How does occupational therapy support a child with Autism?

Occupational therapy can be highly beneficial for a child with Autism, as it focuses on improving everyday skills that enhance independence and social interaction. Therapists may work on social skills, sensory processing, fine and gross motor skills, as well as self-care tasks. The ultimate goal is to help children with Autism lead a more fulfilling, independent life.

How can parents support their child's progress in occupational therapy at home?

Parents play a critical role in their child’s occupational therapy. Therapists at Kaleidoscope Therapy Centre provide parents with guidance and strategies to reinforce therapy goals at home. This might include specific exercises, modifications in the home environment, or strategies to support sensory needs. Engaging in these activities at home can greatly enhance your child’s progress in therapy.

How often should my child attend occupational therapy sessions?

The frequency of occupational therapy sessions depends on each child’s individual needs and the recommendations of the therapist. Some children might benefit from weekly sessions, while others might need more intensive therapy. At Kaleidoscope Therapy Centre, we strive to provide a schedule that best supports each child’s developmental progress while accommodating the family’s routine.