Kaleidoscope 25th year

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

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Excellence Since 1999

Kaleidoscope is one of the leading and most experienced private therapy centres in Singapore. We are proud to say we have served over 10,000 families over the past 23 years. Our Founders, Dr Suvi Pitkola & Kim Nicolson had a clear vision – to provide therapists with the best environment to collaborate, with the best equipment & facilities, and to continuously train therapists in the latest evidence based methodologies so that your child gets the best care possible.

The Best Therapists

  • Most Experienced: Over 350 years of combined clinical experience within the team, with expertise covering a wide variety of developmental needs
  • Highly Qualified: Therapists and teachers all hold Bachelors degrees, with several also holding Masters degrees and PhDs
  • Constantly Trained: Regular ongoing training and mentoring is provided to deepen expertise



A child-led approach honors the child’s innate drive to learn, fosters curiosity, promotes collaboration and problem solving and helps to establish a trusting relationship. Allowing choice also leads to increased attention, motivation and task persistence.


Our approach is first and foremost warm and caring. We are respectful, ethical and empathetic. We listen, value parental input and work hand-in-hand with families.


A strength-based model of support incorporates the child’s strengths into therapy and uses these strengths to scaffold less developed skills as this increases motivation, builds confidence and provides more opportunities for success.

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We are one of the selected private therapy clinics referred to by some of Singapore’s premium healthcare and education institutions:

Prices start at $190 per session

We offer differentiated pricing based on the time slot you choose, and the therapist. We charge appropriately based on each therapists years of experience so we can accommodate the needs of all clients. We offer in-clinic therapy, home based therapy and online therapy. Please contact our Clinical Manager & Team to help design a custom solution that best suits your needs.

Kaleidoscope is a ‘Baby Bonus’ approved institution.


Hear what our happy parents and children are saying about us.

Catherine Hu, Mother of Kayler Kwek

I’m elated to share that the therapy sessions had helped my child make vast improvement in his speech…

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Conor's Mom

Kaleidoscope was a safe and supportive environment for my family, to get started with the speech therapy for my little one

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