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Speech and language therapy focuses on supporting children with one of the most important skills we develop as humans; communication. They help a child to attach meaning to language, and to express themselves effectively in order to understand, and be understood by, others. A speech therapist may also be trained to help a child who struggles with the physical task of eating.

A speech therapist can assess for, diagnose, and treat a wide range of communication differences. They can also provide information, and training, in alternative forms of communication (AAC) when a child is physically unable to produce speech that matches their understanding of language.

We Help Children With

Receptive language and listening skills

Language processing

Articulation and phonology

Social/pragmatic language skills


Feeding and eating

Literacy skills

Alternative forms of communication such as AAC

What does Speech and Language Therapy support look like?

We start with a comprehensive assessment based on the information received from home, school, the child, and other professionals. This may include a combination of formal testing and informal assessment that is based on fun, natural, and engaging activities. Support may include:

An individualised therapy program – this includes a plan of action with clearly stated goals.

Assessment for alternative forms of communication, if a child’s speech is late to emerge, not emerging or is not always available to them.

Education and support for picky eating, oral sensory or oral-motor challenges

Working closely with caregivers to ensure communication goals are carried over into the home environment

Support for children struggling with literacy skills in school

Speech & Language Therapists

Isabel Tan
- 24 Years Experience -
Anika Burrowes
- 6 Years Experience -
Isabel (Liza) Baccay
- 24 Years Experience -
Carline Tan
- 6 Years Experience -
Alia Contractor
- 24 Years Experience -
Debbie Tan
- 3 Years Experience -
Charisse Evangelista
- 19 Years Experience -

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Catherine Hu, Mother of Kayler Kwek

I’m elated to share that the therapy sessions had helped my child make vast improvement in his speech…

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Conor's Mom

Kaleidoscope was a safe and supportive environment for my family, to get started with the speech therapy for my little one

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Fees start at $190+ (per session)

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