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Educational Psychology For Kids Of All Ages

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We Help Children With

Emotional regulation

Flexible coping skills

Social skills & communication

Self-regulation & behavioural management

Learning & neurodevelopmental assessments

Parent training & support

Note: We do not require an official diagnosis.

What does Educational Psychology Support support look like?

We believe that every child deserves the chance to reach their full potential, and our paediatric physiotherapy services are designed to help them do just that. With early intervention and rehabilitation, we can help your child develop the physical skills they need to succeed in life.
Leading Early Intervention

A formal psycho-educational assessment is made up of a series of individually administered tests, designed to evaluate a child’s cognitive ability (IQ) and academic achievement by comparing the child to same-age peers. It can be used to identify if the child has a specific learning difficulty. It also highlights the child’s unique profile of strengths and weaknesses so that suitable recommendations can be made.

Our psychologists are experienced in conducting Autism and ADHD assessments for children and teenagers.

Our assessments are recognized by Ministry of Education (MOE) and International schools.


Per hour Starting at $250 + GST
Leading Early Intervention Program

Our Psychologists


Dr. Belinda Teo

– 12 Yrs’ Experience


Freda Sutanto

– 15 Yrs’ Experience


Chong Ning Xin

– 8 Yrs’ Experience


Kit Kwan Lim
Kit Kwan Lim

– 15 Yrs’ Experience

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Catherine Hu, Mother of Kayler Kwek

Catherine Hu, Mother of Kayler Kwek

I’m elated to share that the therapy sessions had helped my child make vast improvement in his speech…

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Conor's Mom

Conor's Mom

Kaleidoscope was a safe and supportive environment for my family, to get started with the speech therapy for my little one

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the role of an educational psychologist in Singapore?

An educational psychologist in Singapore plays a crucial role in identifying, diagnosing, and helping children overcome learning difficulties. They apply their understanding of psychology and child development to create interventions that support the educational process.

How can educational psychologists support parents in Singapore?

Educational psychologists in Singapore work closely with parents to understand their child’s behaviour, academic, social, and emotional issues. They guide parents on how to provide the necessary support at home and school, which complements their child’s specific needs and strengths.

What kinds of issues can an educational psychologist help with?

Educational psychologists are well-equipped to assist with a wide range of issues. These include learning difficulties, behavioural problems, emotional distress, developmental disorders, and social interaction issues. They use scientifically validated techniques and interventions to provide the best possible support.

How can educational interventions in Singapore benefit my child?

Educational interventions designed by psychologists aim to address specific learning difficulties your child might be facing. They can improve academic performance, enhance social skills, and alleviate behavioural issues. The interventions are tailored to your child’s unique needs, making education a more positive and fulfilling experience.

What kind of education and training do educational psychologists in Singapore have?

To practice as an educational psychologist in Singapore, one must complete a master’s degree or Doctorate in Psychology, often specialising in Education. Post-degree, they undergo supervised practice and need to register with the Singapore Psychological Society or similar professional body. They are skilled in a range of therapeutic approaches and stay updated with the latest research in child development and learning.

How can educational psychologists support children with special educational needs in Singapore?

Educational psychologists play a vital role in supporting children with special educational needs. They conduct assessments to understand the child’s abilities and challenges, and design individualised educational interventions. They also provide guidance to parents and teachers on strategies to support the child’s learning and development.