Who is our program for?

Our program is designed to benefit children aged 2-7 with developmental differences – ranging from autism, ADHD, speech/language delays, sensory processing differences, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and/or other genetic conditions.

(Note: We do not require an official diagnosis. Our expert Psychologists can provide one, if needed)

Children suspected or diagnosed with autism, ADHD or other developmental delays

Children with speech/language delays and/or social communications challenges

Children who are not benefiting from their mainstream preschool programs

Our Curriculum

Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Our program includes daily occupational therapy sessions to address gross-motor skills such as running, climbing, balancing, and fine-motor skills such as writing, and cutting with scissors.


Cognition & Perception Skills

When our children are in the playground and experience a swing, a slide a see-saw and even a sandpit for the first time, they try to understand what their senses are telling them. Is it high, low, fast, slow, smooth or rough? Our program helps our children experience and perceive different sensory experiences as a way to learn about themselves and the world around them. This helps them pay attention for longer, remember experiences better so they can come up with ideas, learn from their mistakes, solve problems as well as make better decisions.

Communication & Language Skills

Our program includes daily speech therapy sessions to help each child communicate to the best of their ability. This could be by supporting the production of speech, or it could be by promoting alternatives to speech such as using gestures, signs, picture or symbol boards, or other communication devices (AAC)

Self-Help Skills

We work alongside families to support self care skills such as self-feeding, dressing, toileting and personal hygiene so that children can become as independent as possible. Learning self-care also teaches children important skills such as sequencing, planning and problem solving.

Social Skills

Our program works on social skills on a daily basis through therapy sessions and lessons. These skills are essential for the development of self confidence, resilience, empathy and the ability to socialize with peers

Early Academic Skills and School Readiness

Our program is designed so that lessons and activities are based on a clear understanding of the child’s developmental level, learning strengths and special interests. Skills addressed include the ability to transition, follow routines and participate in group learning.

Program Director

Judith Guererro
– 24 Years Experience –

Special Education Teachers

Zanel Lee
– 15 Years Experience –
Norlizan Mohidu K
– 23 Years Experience –
Siti Shafinah
– 22 Years Experience –
Mrs. Harini Ganesh
– 22 Years Experience –
Nicole See
– 5 Years Experience –

Therapy Team

Debbie Tan
– 3 Years Experience –
Isabel Tan
– 22 Years Experience –
Carline Tan
– 6 Years Experience –
Tamlyn Tan
– 8 Years Experience –
Kris Borja
– 15 Years Experience –
Isabel (Liza) Baccay
– 24 Years Experience –
Adeline Liew
– 5 Years Experience –
Anika Burrowes
– 6 Years Experience –
Jovinia Ong
– 1 Year Experience –

Our Schedule

We offer a morning or afternoon 5-day program. We can also offer additional therapies and/or a 3-day program to help integrate new entrants.


Ready Let’s Go has its own 5,000 sq ft space that includes 2 well equipped sensory gyms and a large, covered outdoor playground with a trampoline, slides, swings and trikes. Our classrooms are full of toys, games and educational materials.

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