Starting Speech Therapy for Toddlers: Age, Techniques, and Finding Therapists

by | 6 Sep 2023 | Blog, Speech & Language

Introduction to Speech Therapy for Toddlers: Nurturing Communication Skills

Speech therapy plays a crucial role in supporting toddlers’ communication development and helping them overcome speech and language challenges. If you’re a parent seeking information about speech therapy for toddlers in Singapore, this article provides insights for you.

At what age can toddlers start speech therapy?

Toddlers can start speech therapy as early as 18 months to 2 years old if they exhibit speech or language delays. Early intervention can lead to more effective outcomes in improving communication skills.

How often does a 2-year-old need to go to speech therapy?

The frequency of speech therapy sessions for a 2-year-old can vary based on their individual needs and the severity of their speech or language challenges. It’s common for toddlers to attend speech therapy once a week, with the frequency gradually adjusting as progress is made.

What age is too late for speech therapy?

It’s never too late to seek speech therapy for a child, but early intervention yields the best results. Even if a child is beyond toddlerhood, speech therapy can still make a positive impact on their communication skills.

How do I start speech therapy at home?

You can complement formal speech therapy sessions with activities at home:

  • Consistent Communication: Engage in consistent conversations with your child using clear and simple language.
  • Reading and Storytelling: Read books and tell stories to expose your child to language patterns and vocabulary.
  • Imitate and Model: Imitate correct pronunciation and encourage your child to imitate you.
  • Use of Visual Aids: Use pictures and visuals to help your child understand and communicate.

 How long is speech therapy treatment?

The duration of speech therapy treatment varies based on the child’s needs and progress. Some children may benefit from short-term intervention, while others might require ongoing support over a more extended period.

 What age should a child go to speech therapy?

A child can benefit from speech therapy if they exhibit speech or language challenges that impact their communication and interactions. If you notice that your child’s speech is significantly delayed or unclear, seeking an evaluation is recommended.

 How to find a qualified speech therapist for my child in Singapore?

To find a qualified speech therapist in Singapore:

  • Check Credentials: Ensure the therapist holds relevant qualifications and certifications in speech therapy.
  • Experience: Look for therapists with experience working with toddlers and children.
  • Recommendations: Seek recommendations from paediatricians, educators, or other parents.
  • Assessment: Schedule an assessment to discuss your child’s needs and determine if the therapist is a good fit.

What are common speech therapy techniques used with toddlers?

Speech therapy techniques for toddlers may include:

  • Articulation Exercises: Targeting specific speech sounds to improve clarity.
  • Language Expansion: Expanding upon a child’s words or phrases to encourage longer sentences.
  • Play-Based Activities: Using play to engage children in communication exercises.
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS): Utilising pictures to support communication.

In conclusion, speech therapy for toddlers is a valuable resource for nurturing communication skills. Starting early, seeking professional guidance, and incorporating speech-enhancing activities at home can contribute to positive outcomes in a child’s speech and language development.



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