Kaleidoscope Academy is a small, bespoke preparatory program that caters for young learners aged 7 to 12 years. We provide a nurturing learning environment for children who have more complex support needs that cannot yet be catered for in a mainstream setting.

We have designed a program that is interest-led and promotes a student’s strengths, whilst focusing on essential skills that support successful learning and emotional wellbeing.

Our small classes have a low student to teacher ratio, ensuring that our students’ individual learning needs are being met.

Occupational therapy and speech therapy are integrated into the program 3 times per week and physiotherapy weekly.

Kaleidoscope Academy is the perfect choice for children who have:

Physical disabilities – We have expertise in positioning, seating, and the prescription of equipment that supports access to learning.

Complex communication needs – We specialize in a total communication approach including speech alternatives that support language development.

Learning disabilities and differencesOur team is experienced in providing accommodations, and adapting activities, to keep all learners engaged.

Significant sensory processing differencesWe excel at supporting sensory differences with regulation strategies and environmental supports.

Autism with apraxiaWe understand the complex needs of apraxic students who have challenges controlling their bodies and are often under-estimated.

Our Approach To Learning

Our program is designed around inquiry-based learning, and implements an adapted model of the International Program Curriculum (IPC). A key feature of our program is that it focuses on incorporating a child’s strengths and interests into their learning experience.

The IPC is a Comprehensive Thematic Curriculum for learners 5 to 12 years of age. It provides ideas to facilitate the child’s learning from what they know to what they have learnt. The Academy’s curriculum will adapt and individualise the learning goals, and deliver the content according to the child’s IEP, in order to expand their KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS & UNDERSTANDING.

A Love of Learning
We do this by incorporating a child’s strengths, and interests into learning. Actively participating in activities that enable them to experience success builds a child’s motivation for learning.

The curriculum focuses on :
Academic and Functional Skills
Self-Help and Daily Living Skills
Language and Communication –
Social-Emotional Skills and Regulation

A Positive Self-Identity
A child needs to have an understanding of their physical, sensory, social, and emotional needs to have a positive self identity. They also need to feel accepted for who they are, in their family, educational setting, and community.

Executive Function
Our teachers and therapists work on skills which include sustained attention, being able to plan and organise, working memory and task initiation.

Literacy & Numeracy Skills
All children deserve the opportunity to access, and develop, literacy skills. A good teacher has the ability to understand a child’s learning style and adapt an activity accordingly.

Competence in Communication
Whether this is through verbal speech, or speech alternatives, such as AAC, all children can communicate their needs, if provided with the right support.

The Kaleidoscope Academy Team

Rachael Magdelene
– 12 Years Experience –

The academy has a team of professionals who provide hands-on support to our students, and contribute to their individual educational plans.  The program director, Rachael Magdalene, has over 12 years of relevant experience as a special education teacher and educational therapist. 

Our experienced teachers all have specialized training and are also educational therapists. They are supported in each classroom by an assistant teacher. 

We provide designated speech and language therapists and occupational therapists input into the program, and our physiotherapist gives advice on physical issues such as seating, and positioning, on a weekly basis.  

The academy also has an advisory board that includes senior therapists, and an educational psychologist.

Our Fees

We offer a morning till afternoon 5-day program: 9am – 3pm

Please contact us for more information on how our program can help your child

Fees: $4,000
GST per month


Kaleidoscope Academy has rich resources regarding both space and equipment. It has large, brightly lit classrooms, specially designed gym spaces, and an outdoor, covered playground. 

Why Choose Us?