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by | 7 Feb 2023 | Autism, DIR Floortime, Monthly Reviews, Podcast of the Month

DIR FloortimeAffect Autism Podcast Series

Affect Autism is a podcast series dedicated to providing parents and professionals with information relating to the DIR Floortime approach. We have selected 3 of the first episodes because, even though they are 7 years old now and slightly outdated, they do a great job of explaining what the ‘DIR’ in the model stands for. The first podcast explains the ‘D’ which is developmental capacities. The next talks about the ‘I’ as in individual differences, and the last discusses the ‘R’ which is relationships.

Once you start listening to these podcasts, it’s hard to stop as they are so informative, neuro-affirming and positive. The host is mother to an autistic son, and brings lived experience, as a parent, into her talks. She interviews some very knowledgeable people from different backgrounds including professionals, parents, and autistic advocates.

if you are a parent and are interested in finding out more about how DIR Floortime can help your family, then this podcast will answer many of your questions, and will also give you so much useful, useable information across a wide range of topics.




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