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by | 23 Sep 2022 | Autism, Monthly Reviews, Neurodiversity, Podcast of the Month

Pooky Ponders: What is Autistic Masking and Why Does it Matter?

Whether you are autistic, a parent, or are a professional working with autistic people, you need to know what the term ‘masking’ means. Masking is very common in neurodivergent people and is a protective strategy that helps a person blend in with their neurotypical peers, hide their authentic self, and feel safe in a world that often feels threatening for people who present differently. Masking may cause trauma, mental health issues, and burnout because it is often emotionally and physically exhausting. You can listen to a conversation about masking between Jodie Smitten, an autism specialist, and Dr Pooky Knightsbridge, a well known mental health educator and speaker, here:


If you would prefer to watch the interview, you can do that using this link:


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