Podcast of the Month – June

by | 2 Jun 2022 | Autism, Monthly Reviews, Neurodiversity, Podcast of the Month

Two Sides of the Spectrum Podcast – The Power of Presuming Competence with Non-Speaking AAC User Ido Kedar (Episode 9)

We are hooked on this podcast series by occupational therapist Meg Proctor. In this episode, she interviews Ido Kedar, a non-speaking autistic writer. They talk about his experiences and perspectives, with Ido communicating his pre-recorded responses using a voice activated typing device.

Ido talks about how his world opened up when his parents realised that he was bright and able. He provides important information regarding how we misjudge people who cannot speak or communicate due to motor based issues, because we presume they have cognitive and behavioural challenges.

Ido is a wealth of information; he educates us with his knowledge, beseeches us to presume competence in non-speaking people, and inspires us to learn more, so that we can do better in our roles as therapists, teachers and parents.

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