Podcast of the Month – January 2023

by | 13 Jan 2023 | Autism, Monthly Reviews, Podcast of the Month, Speech & Language

An Introduction to Gestalt Language Development

If you have, or work with, a child who uses echolalia, intonation or jargon to communicate this will be a really informative podcast for you. Listen to two speech language therapists talking about what this is, and how it differs from, analytic language development, which is the more common way for children to develop language skills.

It is essential that you know what kind of language processor your child is so that you know how to support their language acquisition. Not enough is known about gestalt language development therefore we can often misunderstand what our children are really trying to communicate to us. If we know where they are developmentally we can support their progress towards more self generated, authentic, communication.

If you think your child is a gestalt language processor and would like more information, you are welcome to speak to one of our speech language therapists.

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