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by | 26 Dec 2022 | Anxiety, Parenting support, Podcast of the Month, Psychology

My Child is Turning into a Teenager. How Do I Handle It? – Ask Lisa Podcast Series, Episode 56

This is a really informative podcast series that talks all things parenting and has lots of great episodes about that tricky time, the teenage years. Anyone who has had a child change from a sweet, loving, pre-teen into a sullen, hard to reach, teenager will know that it can be a really difficult time for parents too and should enjoy listening to this episode. Even though we all went through what our kids are now going through, we often find it hard to connect with their experiences and understand the behaviours they display. We may also struggle to have the patience needed to handle the confrontations that arise.

Lisa talks about some tough issues and discusses the developmental processes that a child’s brain goes through on its way to becoming an adult. There are hormones at play, a striving for independence, and a searching for identity that can cause emotional ups and downs, and behaviours, that are confounding and worrying for parents. Listening to someone identifying the why’s behind these changes, and giving advice on how to support this transition, is really helpful and goes a long way to reducing parental anxiety.


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