Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day

by | 14 Oct 2022 | News & Updates, Speech & Language, Topics of Interest

DLD is not as well-known as for example autism, and yet it is as common as
autism. This is why we are talking about DLD today!

What is it? Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) is a significant difficulty with
understanding and/or using spoken language, in all the languages you speak.

It is not caused by emotional difficulties or limited exposure to language. Nor is it
caused by other medical conditions such as hearing loss, Autism, severe learning
difficulties, or brain injuries. Children with these difficulties may however also have
a language disorder.

What signs may a child/young person with DLD show?

  • They may not talk as much and find it difficult to express themselves
  • Their language may sound immature for their age.
  • They may struggle to find words or to use varied vocabulary.
  • They may not understand, or remember, what has been said.
  • Older children may have difficulties reading and using written language
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You can find out more about DLD from these children:

If you think your child might have any of the difficulties outlined above, support from
a Speech and Language Therapist at Kaleidoscope could help you identify whether
your child could have DLD, or other communication difficulties. Therapy will help
your child to develop their communication skills in the environments most important
to them, for example at home and at school.

Written by Anika Burrowes, Speech & Language Therapist at Kaleidoscope

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