Book of the Month – March 2022

by | 16 Mar 2022 | ADHD, Autism, Book of the Month, Monthly Reviews

Our favourite book of the moment is Beyond Behaviors by Dr Mona Delahooke

You will hear us all raving about this book and your curiosity is sure to get the better of you. It’s a perfect ‘must read’ for parents, teachers and therapists alike, and has just the right amount of information to give you a really good understanding of the underlying reasons for behaviours that we find confusing and challenging. 

Beyond Behaviors describes a warm and respectful approach that is evidence-based, practical, and much more compassionate than approaches that focus on shaping behaviour with rewards and consequences.

What we like about it:
Dr Delahooke includes wonderful examples of her approach in action, provides evidence of why it works so well, and gives lots of good strategies for those tricky parenting and teaching moments. It will definitely leave you feeling empowered with new knowledge and ideas. 

The book is available through Amazon

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