Book of the Month – January 2023

by | 11 Jan 2023 | Book of the Month, Monthly Reviews, Parenting support

Brain-Body Parenting by Dr Mona Delahooke

Following on from her previous best selling book, Beyond Behaviors, Dr Delahooke has written this wonderful book for parents to really help us understand the whys that cause children to behave in challenging ways.

Dr Delahooke, along with many of today’s most respected parenting experts, advocate strongly against using behavioural approaches that do not take into account the physical, emotional, sensory, or biological needs of the child. She brings the knowledge of many different approaches and blends them together in a way that allows parents to address their child’s needs in an informed, and compassionate, way which ultimately leads to positive behavioural, emotional, and developmental changes.

Our children with differences deserve to be better understood and this book provides parents, and professionals, with the information, and knowledge, that helps them to grow and thrive.

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