Book of the Month – August

by | 6 Sep 2022 | Book of the Month, Parenting support, sensory processing

The Out-of-Sync Child by Carol Stock Kranowitz

This book is so helpful if you have a child who has sensory processing differences! How to tell if your child does? They may have big reactions to sounds (like the vacuum cleaner) to certain touch experiences (for example being hugged or playing in sand) and to some movement experiences (such as slides or being picked up). They may also crave sensory experiences more than expected which can cause them to be endlessly on the move, fidgeting, getting in your personal space and creating noise. Sensory processing differences are fairly common, especially in our autistic and ADHD kids.

This book is full of wonderful examples of how to tell if your child is a ‘sensory craver’ or a ‘sensory avoider’ and it gives plenty of advice and strategies on how to support them at home, in school and at play because sensory differences can impact a child’s emotional wellbeing, and their ability to regulate, learn and socialise.

If you are concerned that your child may have sensory differences you can seek advice and support from an occupational therapist.

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